The Customer Must Be Satisfied!
The public confidence and respect we enjoy has been accomplished through years of combined efforts from all our employees. We propose to continue our progress and build the future of our company by maintaining a good business image and working conditions that will attract good personnel and the public to our dealership.

Interesting Fact
Only a lucky few can recall road conditions around 1920. As the story goes, John Verkler Sr. drove the first truck into Peoria, Illinois. It is believed that the round trip to Chicago took about 10 days!

Company History

  • Ralph O. Curless and John Verkler Sr. started an automobile company in 1915. They named it Verkler-Curless Company, distributors of Briscoe Automobiles and Republic Trucks. The address of this company was 734 Main Street, Peoria, Illinois. It remained there until 1921. The company then moved to 113-117 Fulton Street, where a most unique system for servicing vehicles was located on the second floor. It required that an elevator lift the vehicles to where the mechanics could do the repairs. The company then added another facility at 212-214 S. Washington, in addition to the Fulton Street facility. This expanded the service aspect of the business.
  • In 1929, the Verkler-Curless Company was re-organized. From 1933-1935, Verkler-Curless Company became, in addition to dealers of Diamond T and Federal Trucks, a franchise for Goodyear and Sieberling Tires, plus all Sinclair products including fuel, oil, and grease. This Sinclair franchise later became Midwest Oil Company.
  • In 1936, Verkler-Curless Company was renamed and incorporated under the name of Verkler-Peyer Company. It was located at the corner of N. Washington and Eaton Streets in Peoria. This company became one of the few companies to manufacture truck bodies.
  • In 1941, Verkler-Peyer Company became a distributor of White Trucks, in addition to Diamond T. The company also operated a fuel bulk plant at 2417 S. Washington Street in Peoria.
  • Then in 1948, Verkler-Peyer Company became dealers for the Nash automobiles franchise and relocated to new quarters at 430 S. Jefferson Street.
  • In 1950, separating from the Nash Agency, V-P Motor Truck Company was formed and located at 319 S. Adams Street in Peoria, being a distributor of Diamond T Trucks. At this time, John Verkler, Jr, was hired into the company as Secretary/Treasurer.
  • In 1953, Verkler-Peyer was fortunate to obtain the franchise of GMC Truck Division of General Motors. This franchise required larger facilities, so a new building was built at 2616 SW Jefferson Street in Peoria.
  • In 1960, Verkler GMC along with Verkler Truck Leasing, clearly set forth a better concept for truck dealerships in downstate Illinois with over fifty personnel, multi-services were offered to light through heavy-duty customers.
  • In 1969, John Verkler, Jr. and his brother Jim, bought the company's assets.
  • A company that specialized in truck parts sales and distribution was formed in 1972 and called Doering Truck Parts Inc. and was located 212 State Street in Peoria.
  • In 1980, the Verkler GMC Truck Dealer franchise was terminated, making the building at 2616 SW Jefferson available for Doering Truck Parts Inc.
  • In 1982, an independent used truck dealership was incorporated called Verkler Truck Sales, Inc. and was located at 2702 S.W. Jefferson. This company was initially designed as a truck maintenance facility for both Verkler Truck Leasing and the valued customers of Verkler GMC.
  • In 1988, John's son, Andrew, was hired in as General Manager of Verkler Truck Sales and discovered that many business owners presumed Verklers no longer performed truck service due to the liquidation of Verkler GMC. To perpetuate the family business, Verkler Truck Sales and Service became the focal point of business development.
  • In 1996, Doering Truck Parts was sold to Midway Truck Parts of Bridgeview, Illinois.
  • In 1999, Verkler Truck Leasing Company was liquidated, in part due to the official retirement of John, Jr. and Jim Verkler.
  • In 2007, an agreement with Mitsubishi FUSO Truck allowed Verkler Truck Sales, Inc. to become a temporary Parts and Service Point for parts and warranty service.
  • In 2011, Andrew's Son, Ben, was hired into the company.
  • In 2012, Verkler Truck Sales and Service relocated the automotive sales lot to 2012 S.W. Jefferson Avenue in Peoria.
  • Owned and operated by four generations of Verklers with roots in the Central Illinois area since 1915, Verkler Truck Sales and Service is looking forward to providing yet another generation of quality workmanship and great service to its customers for years to come. This company still stands strong today as one of the most respected independent truck dealers and service centers in Illinois.